Addiction Treatment Clinic Questions and Answers

Addiction Treatment Questions and Answers

Dr. Moses Tabe Ambilichu, M.D and his team of experienced professionals treat patients with drug and alcohol addictions. We also offer personalized treatment options for all patients. For more information, call us to schedule an appointment online! We have 3 convenient locations to serve you in West Plains MOColumbia MO, and Olathe KS.

Addiction Treatment Near Me in West Plains MO, Columbia MO, and Olathe KS
Addiction Treatment Near Me in West Plains MO, Columbia MO, and Olathe KS

Are you struggling with drug and alcohol addiction in the West Plains MO, Columbia MO, and Olathe KS areas? Come to Success Health System today, where our experienced providers can help treat you for your addiction. We will individualize your treatment plan to give you the best chance for success. We’ve helped many patients over the years and look forward to assisting you!

What is drug or alcohol addiction?

Addiction is a chronic disease where someone seeks out drug or alcohol despite the harmful effects they have on their health. The need for these substances is often compulsive or uncontrollable. Relapsing, when a return to substance abuse reoccurs, is also a danger for those with addiction and for some, a constant struggle.

While taking a drug or drinking alcohol starts as a conscious choice, addiction soon removes a person’s ability to choose not to take those things. Addiction causes them to continually seek out drugs or alcohol despite damage to brain function, learning, memory, and motivation.

Can my alcohol or drug addiction be treated?

Yes, but it is not easy like getting over a cold. Addiction is a chronic disease and requires long term care and sometimes repeated care for patients to completely recover.

What are some tenants of effective treatment for drugs or alcohol?

Research has shown that no single treatment is right for every person suffering from this disease, so individualization is needed. For therapy to be effective, it needs to address other aspects of a patient’s life, not just their substance abuse. It is also vital for someone to stay in treatment long enough for it to be effective, and not quit too early. Otherwise, they will likely relapse into addiction. Addiction treatment often must be approached from multiple angles, including behavior therapy, medication, detoxification, and treatment for mental disorders, if needed.

What are the treatments for drug or alcohol addiction?

At Success Health System, we have many options to treat you for drug or alcohol abuse. Some of these treatments include:

  • Medication
  • Behavioral Counseling
  • Skills Training
  • Mental Health Treatments
  • Long Term Follow Up Care

Do you use medications for drug addiction treatment?

Yes, medications and other devices may be used to help you manage your withdrawal symptoms and prevent relapse. They also may be used to treat any other conditions you are suffering from during your treatment.

What is “withdrawal?”

Patients suffer from withdrawal symptoms during their drug detoxification process. Detoxification is just the first step of their treatment. These symptoms must be managed carefully to avoid relapse. Various medications are available to help suppress a patient’s cravings for drugs or alcohol. These medications can help blunt the desire for drugs, like opioids, or alcohol.

How do behavioral therapies help to treat drug and alcohol addiction?

Our provider will help modify patients’ behaviors and attitudes towards their substance abuse. We want to highlight and promote their healthy life skills. We will also make sure they keep up with their other treatment forms, like medication. Behavioral therapy can take many forms, including one on one therapy with a specialist to group programs where patients work with others to beat their respective addictions.

Where are you located?

We are open Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm and by appointment only on Saturday and Sunday. Do you have questions about drug and alcohol addiction, or would you like to make an appointmentCall our friendly staff today. We serve patients from Olathe KS, Columbia MO, West Plains MO, Harg MO, Prathers Ville MO, Midway MO, New Century KS, Olathe KS, Overland Park KS, Carson MO, Pomona MO, and Potters Ville MO.

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