4 Questions to Ask Your ADHD Specialist

4 Questions to Ask Your ADHD Specialist

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ADHD Specialist Near Me in Creve Coeur MO, St. Louis MO, Independence MO, Columbia MO, Olathe KS
ADHD Specialist Near Me in Creve Coeur MO, St. Louis MO, Independence MO, Columbia MO, Olathe KS

Table of Contents:

What are the causes of ADHD?
What is the difference between ADD & ADHD?
What is a different type of ADHD?
Is ADHD a disability?

Success Health System LLC treats a wide range of mental health disorders including depressive disorders, anxiety disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, substance abuse, and ADHD. Our team has the mental health specialists required to assess, diagnose, and treat ADHD with psychotherapy. ADHD, otherwise known as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, causes serious impulsivity and hyperactivity. This can cause patients with ADHD to struggle in school, work, and everyday life. Below we’ve compiled 4 answers to the frequently asked questions our clinic gets about attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

What are the causes of ADHD?

ADHD can be caused by numerous factors:

Mental health disorders such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder can be caused by genetics and tend to run in families. Studies show that children and adults who have other family members with ADHD are much more likely to have ADHD than others.
Brain Injury
Children and teenagers can develop ADHD due to traumatic brain injuries. TBIs can cause a disruption in brain development and lead to symptoms of ADHD starting to appear up to ten years after the traumatic event.
Exposure to Environmental Risks
Studies show that exposure to environmental risks such as lead during pregnancy, infancy, and early childhood can lead to the development of ADHD.
Premature Delivery and/or Low Birth Weight
Premature delivery and low birth weights are heavily linked with the development of neuropsychological deficits. Infants who are born with a low birth weight can cause developmental delays. It is believed that premature babies have a much higher chance of developing mental health disorders including ADHD.
Substance Abuse during Pregnancy
Children exposed to alcohol, tobacco, and drugs while in utero are at high risk for numerous physical and mental health issues. Autism and ADHD are much more prevalent in children who were exposed to illicit substances.

What is the difference between ADD & ADHD?

ADHD is the medical term used for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. This term has evolved to describe patients who display symptoms of hyperactivity and to describe those who don’t. ADD simply stands for attention-deficit disorder. Those with the attention-deficit disorder do not show signs of hyperactivity but instead have symptoms like disorganization and forgetfulness.

What is a different type of ADHD?

There are three types of ADHD:

1. ADHD Impulsive/Hyperactive: People with ADHD are impulsive and the hyperactive type is actually the least common of the three. This type is categorized as impulsive behaviors without inattention.

2. ADHD Inattentive/Distractible: This type of ADHD is the second most common type and can be recognized by inattention, forgetfulness, and distractibility without hyperactivity.

3. ADHD Combined: People with ADHD combined type have characteristics of impulsivity/hyperactivity and inattentive/distractible types. This is the most common type of ADHD.

Is ADHD a disability?

Severe attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is considered to be a disability. This is because it can cause impairment to one’s ability to function and work. The majority of patients who have ADHD have only mild to moderate symptoms. If you have been officially diagnosed with ADHD we recommend you look into disability benefits. You may qualify for tax credits, federal benefits, and state benefits. These benefits will vary depending on the severity of your mental health condition.

If you, your child, or your teenager is struggling with symptoms of ADHD, contact Success Health LLC. We offer in-office psychiatric care services and telepsychiatry services. We would be more than happy to answer any general inquiries you have about any of our clinics and schedule you with one of our ADHD specialists right away. Our team looks forward to helping you get the treatment you need to live a productive, fulfilled, happy life! We serve patients from Creve Coeur MO, St. Louis MO, Independence MO, Olathe KS, Columbia MO, Craig KS, Spring Hill KS, Prathersville MO, Pierpont MO, Kirkwood MO, Kansas City MO, River Bend Mo & Beyond!

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